Sew Anonymous Official Sewist

Tuesday 18th May 2021 will always be a day to remember in my sewing journey. It’s when I was announced as an official sewist for Sew Anonymous Official. I am absolutely elated to be joining a fabulous team of sewists. Also, for the opportunity to represent an indie, online sewing brand that really wants to make a difference within the sewing community.

I remember when Sew Anonymous first started. I followed the brand, and watched as it grew and flourished within the sewing community. I am the first official sewist specialising in quilting, which is such an honour and also a relief, because I don’t make nearly enough time for garment sewing as I should. 🙈 There’s always time to quilt, so I won’t struggle in that department.

This is my excited face

I can’t wait to start sharing my quilting journey with the Sew Anonymous audience, and to showcase their fabulous fabric collection in my quilting projects. I’ll also be blogging on their website, so there will be an additional place to read my posts.

My first project for the brand has already been approved. I can’t wait to get started and share my progress with you. What an exciting chapter in my sewing adventure. I just know that some amazing opportunities are just around the corner. Very exciting times ahead.

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