‘How To’ Get Started with Sewing: Find the time to Sew


Hello everyone, it’s Corrine. This video is about finding the time to sew. We all have different commitments and different responsibilities in our personal lives and as much as we have good intentions to sit down and start sewing, we find it difficult because other things take priority. Some of the tips I’m going to share are what I find useful. I have two children under the age of three and it gets really busy, and also I run my own business, so I can completely relate to having limited time and then the time that I do have needs to go to other things. However, it’s really important that we look after ourselves and we find time to sew for pleasure, if at all possible.

Batch Cutting

What you could consider is doing batch cutting. So, for example, you might have a few projects that you want to get completed, or started, and you could, if you felt that way inclined, get your patterns, your templates, your drawings together (if you self-draft) and get your fabric and just go through a process of cutting it out. So, you put aside a week, say, to start cutting out the fabric for your projects. So then after that week is over, you’ll have piles of ready-cut fabric, so that the next week you can allot your time to just get going and just get sewing. Perhaps the thought of batch cutting fills you with dread and you can’t bear the thought of an entire week of just cutting fabric. Then that’s fair enough, perhaps that might not be a tip that works for you, however it might be something that others may want to give a try and will find useful.

Allocate Sewing Time

Another tip is to allocate a certain amount of time during the day, or in the evening, whenever you have your free time or spare time, to doing a bit of sewing or something sewing related. So, that might be choosing the fabrics for your project, choosing a project to do, or even sitting down and having a sew. The amount of time that you choose to allot daily, or every other day is completely up to you. I choose to allot a minimum of thirty minutes to do something sewing related and to hold myself accountable to that time. Having this group is really helpful for me because it means that I can talk about sewing, or talk about the things that I’ve been doing and share some of the things that I’m up to. It helps me to put that time aside and what I find is that as I continue to make this time, it becomes a habit and I then start to make it a priority and look forward to that time. I think, “Right, this is going to be a minimum of half an hour that I have to myself, where I can just be engrossed in something that’s completely for me.” As the time has gone on, what I’ve found is that I start making more time for sewing or the projects that I’m doing, because I’ve started to make it habit. So that’s another tip that I would like to share; allotting a certain amount of time, whether it’s daily, or every other day, or every few days to sewing, sticking to that time and holding yourself accountable. Then gradually, you will start to prioritise that time for yourself.

Join Sewing Groups

Another tip I would share is use sewing groups. Use it as a part of your accountability and also as a part of motivating yourself to get creative, because seeing what everyone else is making, it does inspire and motivate you. It gives you ideas and also, the joy of sharing what you’re up to, what you’re making or the creative process really does spur you on to find and make that time for yourself and your creativity. So, that will be another tip that I would share.

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