‘How To’ Get Started with Sewing: Choose Fabric to Start Sewing With


Hello everyone, it’s Corrine. This video is about choosing the fabric to start using on your sewing journey. There are a few things to consider when you are deciding on the fabric that you want to use.

Project Type

Firstly, consider the project that you are undertaking and what will be required. So, for example, if your project is going to be a curtain, you’ll want to choose fabric that is suitable for curtain-making. If it is that you are making a garment of some sort, the pattern will direct you as to the best fabric to use for your project to turn out as best as possible. So, looking at your patterns and seeing whether or not they require a certain type of fabric.

Fabric Preference

Also, it’s about what you feel comfortable with sewing with. You might feel as though you want to take on some trickier fabrics, so for example something that’s a little bit more slippery to use. Like silk, for example, or satin. Or something with a bit more stretch like jersey or a woven fabric, and again that’s completely up to how comfortable you feel with using those fabrics. They can be a little trickier to use but maybe you want the challenge, and that’s completely fine.


Also, consider your budget because purchasing fabric can get pricey, especially if you’ve got multiple projects that you’re thinking about. So, if you’re thinking you want to be mindful about that, do consider potentially looking for discounts and deals. There are lots of deals that are always happening on various websites for fabric, various haberdasheries.

Fabric Type

Also consider the type of fabric that you’re using. So for example, maybe cotton, polyester, or you know, a polycotton blend would be more appropriate because it might, you might find that it’s the least tricky of the fabrics to use. Also, they can be purchased relatively inexpensively, for example you might decide to buy a duvet cover, an inexpensive duvet cover. You can get them quite cheaply nowadays and then you’re going to have a large amount of fabric at a reasonable price that you can practise making your projects on and what you don’t want is for your fabric to become a barrier to you for sewing. So you think, “Ah, but that’s so nice, I really just don’t wanna mess it up.” You know, when all of us make mistakes throughout our sewing journey, but particularly when we’re first starting, you might feel that, “Oh, I’m gunna make so many mistakes, I just don’t wanna spend loads of money on fabric.”, and that’s absolutely fine.

Fabric Sustainability

Sustainability is a really great thing to be thinking about right now and upcycling. We all have items of clothing that we perhaps don’t use as much, don’t fit us (that’s what I’m thinking about me after having two children) and we think, “Actually, I’d like to make that into something else.” That’s absolutely perfect. You can use old clothing that you’re not using anymore and have a go and practise making different projects.


All of those different things are worth considering when you are deciding what type of fabric you want to use, but just make sure you don’t let your fabric become a barrier to you, for your sewing. So, make sure you choose something you’re comfortable with using, that you’re not going to worry about making mistakes on and that is also going to be suitable for the type of project that you are going to be doing.

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